How to conserve and store your organic herbs

Few Words about Aromatic Herbs…

Aromatic herbs have been known since ancient times, not only for their use as a food but also for their therapeutic properties and their use in the manufacture of beauty products. In Greek nature, one with the richest biodiversity, sprout hundreds of herbs which are famous all over the world.

The wonderful world of herbs, because of its wide variety and various uses often creates numerous questions. Let’s see the answers given to these questions mainly about how to conserve and store your organic herbs, by FYSIS.

In Which Form to Choose?

Herbs can be bought either fresh or dried. 

Fresh herbs can be preserved for a period of a few days in the refrigerator and up to three months in the freezer. In cooking, to achieve the desired flavor and taste it requires twice or greater amount relative to dried herbs. 

Dried herbs in contrast, are preserved for a long time, up to two years, without refrigeration. They have more intense flavor and taste compared to fresh herbs, and therefore are preferred.

conserve store organic herbs

FYSIS internal bag is ideal to conserve your herbs

Where to Store?

Place them in dark glass bottles or ideally in dark coloured paper packaging. This way, you can avoid anything “xenobiotic” to your organism. 

(The term “xenobiotic” identifies all sorts of substances that are “alien to human organism” and not naturally existent in the human body, but can, when exposed to it enter in our body and have a toxic effect that adversely affect its functions causing disorders and health problems.)



conserve store organic herbs

Plastic should be avoided to store your herbs

What to Avoid?

Storing them in plastic packaging lurks many dangers for the human body. Numerous research studies have shown that chemicals used in the manufacture of various plastics are often diffused in herbs and consequently in our blood, negatively impacting our health.




Ideal Choice…

The answer lies in the range of organic aromatic herbs FYSIS

FYSIS takes care of you by selecting the best dried herb varieties and ensuring their effective storage through its original packaging design. The internal air-tight and the outer carton package contribute to the ideal storage and assist in the effective storage of their intense aroma for a long period.

conserve store organic herbs