FYSIS at Olymp Awards Contest

In addition to high quality, FYSIS Organic Products are distinguished by their unique packaging design. Because of continued positive feedback from clients and retail purchasers, we decided to enter our products in a well-established design contest. Our aim was to see how experts in innovative product design in the food and beverage sector evaluate our packaging. The results from the contest are very important to the FYSIS Organic Products team, since we pay close attention to constantly improving our customers’ experience.

Where and When?

The contest, Olymp Awards, took place in Athens from the 27-28 of May and was open to all Greek branded foods and beverages sold in retail stores. 10 individuals from the Greek Graphic Designers Association, led by Mr. Tzanetos Petropouleas judged the contest. The awards for best design were given in the following four categories:

  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Innovative design
  • Overall image

Who else was there?

Many notable Greek companies participated in the contest. The competition was tough, as many of these companies are well established and their products are distinguished by their unique design. Overall, there were a total of 574 products entered in competition for the four Design Awards.

Some of the other notable companies that participated in the contest include:

– Hellenic Distiller Industry (product “Mastic Tears Dry“)

Mastic Tears Dry Photo

– Distillery – K. Psychis & Sons OE (product “Chios Mastiha Liquer Psychis“)

Chios Mastiha Liquer Psychis Photo


– Wine Karametrou & Co. Winery (product “Moi Je m’ En Fous”)

Moi Je m' En Fous Photo

– Cretan Olive Mill S.A. – Almpantakis (product “Premium by Almpantakis Family”).

Premium by Almpantakis Family Photo

As you can see the competing products were both innovative and aesthetically appealing, and the competition was tough!


FYSIS Organic Products received several awards in all of the contest categories. Most notably, our company received the Silver Award for Overall Image. In addition, FYSIS was placed in the top 20 of the best competing companies. This is particularly notable since we were in competition with participants in many categories, including food and drink quality, food, wine, and beverage packaging, and quality wines and spirits. Our awards are a great accomplishment, especially given the diverse competition that encompassed many interesting entries.

Olymp Awards Design Photo

What’s Next?

The FYSIS Organic Products team is happy and proud with the results of the competition! This was our first participation in a contest, and it is an inspiration for us to participate in other domestic and international competitions in the future. Stay tuned for what’s on deck…!


Thank you all for your continued support and preference for FYSIS Organic Products!

The FYSIS Organic Products Team


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