FYSIS Organic Bay Laurel

Bay Laurel


Laurus nobillis L.

Taste the flavor treasured by the Greek gods residing on Mount Olympus when you cook with FYSIS organic Bay Laurel. Slightly bitter, this herb has been prized by humanity for centuries on its many different uses.



A Noble History

Organic Bay Laurel is dedicated to the Greek god Apollo who is commonly known as the god of sun. Medicine and healing are associated with Apollo, so it should come as no surprise that this healthful, aromatic herb is dedicated to him. Bay Laurel’s noble history continues in ancient Greece. Winners of athletic competitions, academic contests, and other matchups in Ancient Olympia were typically awarded wreaths fashioned out of Bay Laurel branches. This is why the leafed wreath is synonymous with the Olympic Games and athletes competing in them. A worldwide symbol of glory and victory, it has even become part of our everyday language, for example through the expressions “resting on one’s laurels”, and “poet laureate”.

Fysis Organic Bay Laurel - Natural

Fysis Bay Laurel – Natural

Grown in Tradition

Growing in the soil on which Greek gods once walked, Organic Bay Laurel absorbs centuries of tradition as well as nutrients unique to the Greek coast and isles. FYSIS selects only the best varieties of plants for its Organic Bay Laurel. Nothing but the greatest varieties of organic herbs, grown on closely monitored production farms will do for the exceptional product we offer to you. We believe that small production farms take the greatest care of their Organic Bay Laurel since they pride quality instead of quantity. When the plants are grown naturally and with love, you will always taste it in the meals you cook.

Harvested with Care

Fysis Organic Bay Laurel Ready To Use

Fysis Bay Laurel Ready To Use

The small production farms from which we choose to purchase our Organic Bay Laurel do not risk damaging the leaves by using heavy machinery. When plant leaves are damaged or broken, they begin to lose some of their flavor. By carefully picking the glossy leaves, the potency of the flavor is preserved. Therefore every single Organic Bay Laurel leaf is picked by hand. Next, the leaves are dried under strict climatological? conditions, to ensure that the delicious greatness of the flavor remains. Once the leaves are dried, they are then carefully hand packed to be delivered to kitchens around Europe. The unique flavor of this herb constitutes an essential part of a plethora of dishes in the Greek cuisine.

Organic Bay Laurel in Cuisine

FYSIS Organic Bay Laurel is an aromatic herb that offers a slightly bitter taste and is commonly used in stews, sauces, and lentils. Bay Laurel leaves are added before you start cooking, so that the unique flavor of Ancient Olympia can step into your dish. After cooking is completed, the Bay Laurel leaves are removed, leaving a distinct flavor in your meal. FYSIS Organic Bay Laurel combines well with other herbs such as Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, and Oregano.

Additional information

Weight 10 g

Slightly bitter

Ideal for

Sauce – Stews – Lentils


Rosemary – Sage – Thyme – Oregano

Best usage

The leaves of Bay laurel are added to the food from the beginning in order to leave this wonderful taste during cooking and are removed before serving the meal.