FYSIS Everyday Organic Herb Bundle

Fysis EveryDay


FYSIS EVERYDAY organic herb bundle contains Rosemary, Oregano and Bay Laurel. They are used in almost all dishes either separately or in combination. FYSIS Everyday organic herb bundle brings to the shelf of your kitchen a collection with essential herbs for everyday culinary creations.


FYSIS Everyday Organic Herb Bundle includes:

  • Oregano – Frequently used with feta cheese, Greek salad, as well as with meat and fish, Oregano emits a pungent and slightly bitter flavor that is treasured throughout the world. While Oregano tends to be more flavorful when dried, it needs to be rubbed well and added at the end of your cooking. Rubbing it increases the flavor and aroma while adding it at the end of your cooking preserves the flavor and fragrance.
  • Rosemary – Featuring a dense flavor that is spicy yet offers subtle notes of bitter. The distinctive piquant flavor and delicious aroma that Rosemary imparts are often used to season baked or fried potatoes, soups, and fish. This strong hearty herb retains its flavor throughout the cooking process, and therefore add it at the very first place.
  • Bay Laurel – Aromatic, this herb offers a slightly bitter taste and is commonly used to season stews, sauces, and also with lentils. Like Rosemary, this strong herb is added at the beginning of your cooking, as it tolerates heat very well, imparting its rich flavor into your food. At the end of the cooking, the leaves of the Bay Laurel are removed, leaving only their delicious flavor behind.

When these three herbs are combined, they create a flavor profile that will please even the most demanding taste buds. Whether you are seasoning your meat, or flavoring a stew, this organic herb bundle will provide the extra flavor that you’re craving.

FYSIS herbs are grown, collected, and processed in the rich soils of Greece, which are known for imparting extra flavorful essential oils within the herbs. Our traditional and organic processing locks every last bit of flavor into the slow dried leaves of the herbs so that you can enjoy them in the comfort of your own kitchen. Handled with care, our herbs are never touched by heavy machinery that could damage their flavor.


Select FYSIS Everyday Organic Herb Bundle and bring the rich flavors of Ancient Olympia into your kitchen to flavor your meals. This hand selected trio creates a flavor experience that is like no other!