FYSIS Mediterranean Organic Herb Bundle

Fysis Mediterranean


FYSIS Mediterranean Organic Herb Bundle brings the rich aromas and flavors from the popular cuisine of the Mediterranean right into your own kitchen. Organically grown, traditionally harvested and processed in Greece, this herb bundle has the flavors of Ancient Olympia in every bite. Now, you can enjoy Mediterranean flavors that were once limited by locale.


FYSIS Mediterranean Organic Herb Bundle contains:

  • Oregano – Pungent and slightly bitter, Oregano is so popular that it is beloved in many of the world’s cuisines. Originating in Greece and the Mediterranean, the popularity of Oregano has spread to Italy, America, and beyond. Frequently used with feta cheese, Greek salad, as well as with meat and fish, Oregano can be even more flavourful when dried instead of fresh. To preserve the intensity of the flavour and aroma, Oregano should be added towards the end of your cooking.
  • Thyme – Intense, and slightly spicy, Thyme is often used to flavour roasted meats as well as soups and stews. As popular as Oregano, Thyme is also craved worldwide. Rub it well to intensify and release more flavour and aroma, then add to your cooking near the end of the process.
  • Lemon Balm – Sweet and lemon-like on its own it’s often used to flavour raw fish, seafood, and green salads. Use wherever you’d use lemon, or together with lemon, to intensify the lemon flavour and aroma. Rub our organic Lemon Balm well before adding to your cooking. This way, the flavour and aroma become more intense.

When you blend these three unique Mediterranean flavours together, you get a powerful sense of what it is to dine in a typical Greek dinner table. Whether you choose to use them together, separately, or in various duos, all of your cooking will take on the intense Mediterranean flavours that only FYSIS can provide with our organic herbs. Grown without the use of pesticides or dangerous chemicals, then handled with extreme gentleness and care, our organic herbs are dried slowly, in a traditional way which preserves all of the rich essential oil flavours in every single leaf.


Safe to use, and generous with flavor, bring the taste of Ancient Olympia to your culinary creations!