FYSIS Vitality Organic Herb Bundle

Fysis Vitality


FYSIS Vitality Organic Herb Bundle brings an explosion of herbal vitality into your life either in a hot beverage or in various seasonings. This herb bundle is packed with herbs that are well known to promote energy and vitality in everyday living. Experience the natural energy and invigoration that these herbs will give to yourself.


The FYSIS Vitality Organic Herb Bundle contains:

  • Sage – Quite spicy and slightly bitter, Sage is used to flavor fatty meats, rabbit, pasta, and as a flavoring for vinegars. Sage, although popular for its use in cooking, is mostly famous for its consumption as a beverage. Also well known as “Greek tea”. It is prepared by pouring boiling water over a few leaves. To sweeten, you can add honey, stevia, or sugar.
  • Lemon Verbena – Unique for not losing its flavor during cooking, Lemon Verbena is an herb that can be used wherever you apply lemon, as well as Lemon Balm for a more intense flavor. It’s often used to add flavor to white sauces as well as both fruit and green salads and as a flavoring in both hot and cold herbal teas. Enjoy its rich fragrance and flavor by using it as a tea all by itself. Steep 5 leaves of the herb in boiling water and drink as a tea (place next to your favorite cookies or apple pie). Optionally, you can add sugar, stevia, or honey.
  • Savory – Highly pungent and spicy, Savory is very popular for flavoring meats, soups, stews, as well as raw vegetables. Make sure to rub well before adding it to your cooking, as it helps to release the impressive aroma and amazing flavor. In order to maintain the flavor, Savory is best used near the end of your cooking.

Whether you create an arousing breakfast tea to invigorate your body and prepare your mind for the day or select any of these herbs to season your dishes, you can rest assured that FYSIS provides you with the highest quality organic herbs available on the market. Never touched by pesticides or heavy machinery, our herbs are hand-picked and slow dried to preserve the integrity and flavor of every leaf.


From our tradition to yours, we wish you all the vitality these herbs can bring!