FYSIS Organic Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm


Melissa officinalis L.

Lemon Balm matches the uniqueness of Greek cuisine, by delighting your taste buds. Enjoy the sweet and citrusy flavor of this exceptional herb by adding FYSIS Lemon Balm to your dishes.



Lemon Balm and Bees

Even from Ancient times, Organic Lemon Balm is closely connected with bees as they seem to have a special preference for the flowers of this plant. In Greek, Lemon Balm is called “Melissochorto” (Μελισσόχορτο), which translates to “Herb of the honey bees”.

Honey bees wait impatiently for summer to come so that they can draw out long sweet draughts of nectar from the delicate white flowers of the Lemon Balm plant.

Lemon Balm through the History

Devoted to goddess Artemis in Ancient Greece, Organic Lemon Balm was considered an elixir of youth. Throughout the Middle Ages, to ensure luck, Europeans filled different types of amulets with Lemon Balm that would carry along at all times.

Fysis Organic Lemon Balm - Natural

Fysis Lemon Balm – Natural

Cultivating Lemon Balm

FYSIS procures its Organic Lemon Balm from small bio-farms who consider quality as their primary value. Our Organic Lemon Balm is preserved in the traditional way so that you receive only the most flavorful parts of the plant that will allow you to enhance your meals with the highest quality product available. FYSIS Organic Lemon Balm is carefully selected, meaning that we adhere to strict standards which ensure that you receive an organic herb free from pesticides as well as other harmful chemicals so that you can serve meals to your beloved ones with peace of mind and without having to worry about anything.

Fysis Organic Lemon Balm Ready To Use

Fysis Lemon Balm Ready To Use

Organic Lemon Balm in Cuisine

Featuring its characteristic lemon flavor, Organic Lemon Balm intensifies when rubbed. It is best used wherever you apply lemon, as well as with lemon for a more intense flavor experience. Sweet and lemon-like on its own it’s often used to flavor raw fish, seafood, and green salads. Sometimes Lemon Balm is used as a flavoring in ice cream as well as in both hot and cold herbal teas. For meals and dishes, you can combine it with Bay Laurel, Rosemary, and Thyme.

Additional information

Weight 20 g

Sweet, lemonlike

Ideal for

Raw seafood – Fish – Green salads


Bay Laurel – Rosemary – Thyme

Best usage

It is advised to be used in foods containing lemon as it enhances their flavor.