FYSIS Organic Oregano



Origanum vulgare ssp. Hirtum

An herb is as good as the soil it grows. FYSIS organic Oregano is collected from the sacred and blessed land of Ancient Olympia. Intensely aromatic, FYSIS Oregano practically overflows with an abundance of essential oil since it is superbly nourished by Greece’s ideal climate and soil conditions. Now the rich and vibrant flavor of Greek grown Oregano can be enjoyed at your leisure in the comfort of your own kitchen.



Historical Organic Oregano

It is believed, that in order to create a more beautiful life, Greek goddess Aphrodite gave Oregano as a gift to the mortals. Considered as a symbol of joy and happiness, wedding wreaths contained branches of Oregano. It has also been believed that Oregano is able to vanish sadness. Oregano’s association with happiness may be related to the jovial clusters of purple flowers that burst forth when the plant flowers.

 FYSIS Organic Oregano - Natural

FYSIS Oregano – Natural

Greek Organic Oregano: World’s Best!

For centuries now, the rich flavour of Organic Oregano has been the ultimate reason for its culinary use. The flavour is so loved, that the desire for Oregano has spread worldwide.FYSIS Organic Oregano is grown in exceptionally superior conditions, increasing the aromatic nature of leaves. Pungent, and slightly bitter, Organic Oregano is more flavourful when dried. Its flavour intensifies when rubbed thoroughly prior to use, and should be added closer to the end of your cooking in order to maintain its true flavour upon plating and eating.

Care during Cultivation

FYSIS selects only small farms which place quality first, so that we can closely monitor the whole production process. Traditional methods of drying FYSIS Oregano are followed in order to enhance flavour and aroma.

FYSIS Organic Oregano Ready To Use

FYSIS Oregano Ready To Use

Organic Oregano in Cuisine

An indispensable part of Greek cuisine, Oregano is frequently used with feta cheese, Greek salad, as well as with meat and fish. Interestingly, it complements with both Savory and Rosemary creating a delectable and highly valued flavor profile. Oregano has also become a staple in Italian-American cuisine. Demanded in pizza as well as a variety of pasta dishes, Americans cannot get enough of Oregano.

Additional information

Weight 20 g


Ideal for

Feta cheese – Greek salad – Meat – Fish


Savory – Rosemary

Best usage

The aromatic odour is released by rubbing, prior to any use . It should be used towards the end of cooking in order to ideally maintain the aroma.