FYSIS Organic Rosemary



Rosmarinus officinalis L.

Native to Greece and the Mediterranean, Rosemary is an herb that expresses a dense spicy flavor, featuring subtle notes of bitter. An element indicative of the unique value of Rosemary is that its flowers are a first-rate choice even for bees, as it gives a very nice flavor to honey. FYSIS collects this unique organic herb offering a distinctive piquant flavor and delicious aroma, dries it in the traditional way, and delivers it directly to your kitchen.



Historical Rosemary

Believed to be a gift to humans from the goddess Aphrodite, the herb Rosemary symbolized beauty. With its slightly astringent scent and flavor, it was also considered to be the elixir of youth. Studying hard, students would use Rosemary in a wreath form because they believed that it would improve their memory.
In the Middle Ages in Europe, Rosemary was considered to be a love charm. On the wedding day, brides would make sure to wear Rosemary crowns while the groom and all of the wedding guests would wear a sprig of Rosemary.

FYSIS Organic Rosemary - Natural

FYSIS Rosemary – Natural

Cultivating Organic Rosemary

Greece and Ancient Olympia offer the perfect conditions for growing and cultivating Organic Rosemary. FYSIS Organic Rosemary comes directly from small farms who cultivate it organically, avoiding pesticides and other harmful chemicals. These small, family run farms grow their Organic Rosemary by emphasising on quality over quantity. Our growers raise the most flavourful herbs available from the vast lands of Ancient Olympia.

Dried Organic Rosemary

Rosemary is highly sought in its dried form. Here in FYSIS we ensure that our Organic Rosemary is collected by hand in the traditional way. This way we are sure that each leaf of Rosemary remains intact and undamaged, thus keeping every single drop of flavourful essential oils that belong in your home cuisine. Heavy machinery often damages the very parts of the plant that we seek to preserve with perfection, so we do not allow them in any stage of production.

FYSIS Organic Rosemary Ready To Use

FYSIS Rosemary Ready To Use

Organic Rosemary in Cuisine

Rosemary is one of the most popular herbs in the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Featuring a powerful resistance to high heats, Organic Rosemary is an herb that you can add when you start cooking and be confident that it will retain its flavour through the process. It is often used to flavour meats, with a slightly charred flavour.
It can also be used to season potatoes that are either baked or fried along with soups, and fish. Rosemary combines well with a wide variety of herbs including Oregano, Thyme, Savory, Sage, as well as Bay Laurel

Additional information

Weight 20 g

Spicy – Slightly bitter

Ideal for

Potatoes (baked or fried) – Chickpeas soup – Fish – Meat


Oregano – Thyme – Savory – Sage – Bay Laurel

Best usage

It is usually added in the beginning of cooking, because of its resistance in high temperatures.