FYSIS Organic Savory



Satureja thymbra L.

Related to Rosemary and Oregano as well as bearing a resemblance to Thyme, Savory is an herb that is used to flavor food in many cuisines. Featuring a spicy flavor and a unique aroma, Savory is favored for enchasing recipes including mainly meat.



Aromatic Organic Savory at its best

Aromatic Organic Savory has been used for centuries for its properties, highly pungent, the aroma is prized by cooks everywhere in every time. It is believed that it got its name from Thymvra, an ancient Greek city located in close proximity to the ancient city Troy. The Ancient Greeks were inspired to make their wines with Savory because it provided such a delightful aroma.

They also believed that it gave a great flavor to honey, so it was planted near hives where bees could bring the aromatic nectar of the plant back to their honey combs. It is also noted that Savory enjoyed popularity in Europe not only because it was so aromatic but also because it was one of the first herbs shared, preceding the East Indian spices.

FYSIS Aromatic Organic Savory - Natural

FYSIS Savory – Natural

Aromatic Organic Savory as it Grows

Aromatic Organic Savory is a lover of the sun, and prefers to grow in full sunlight. When it flowers, the blooms are small and grow in clusters similar to the flowers of lilacs. FYSIS chooses with care the best farms located in Ancient Olympia, which spend a great effort and grow Aromatic Organic Savory with love and dedication, always using the traditional handpicking techniques without using heavy machinery, to make sure that FYSIS Aromatic Organic Savory keeps its quality on the way from the farm to your cupboard.


Aromatic Organic Savory in Cuisine

FYSIS Aromatic Organic Savory Ready To Use

FYSIS Savory Ready To Use

In addition to its aromatic qualities, Savory is an herb that offers a spicy flavor. It is very popular for flavoring meats, soups, stews, as well as raw vegetables. It’s best to rub Savory before you use it, in order to intensify and release it aromatic qualities. In order to maintain the aroma as well as the flavor, Savory is best used near the end of your cooking. It blends well with Rosemary.

In many countries such as England, Savory is used with Marjoram and Thyme to season dressings for veal, turkey, as well as fish. Savory, can be added to vinegar and used as a dipping dressing. Aromatic Organic Savory is also considered to be an herb that is creates a wonderful flavour when cooked and served with beans. Moreover, it is a popular ingredient in many premixed seasonings such as Herbs de Provence.

Additional information

Weight 20 g


Ideal for

Meat – Soups – Raw vegetables



Best usage

The aromatic odour is released by rubbing, prior to any use . It should be used towards the end of cooking in order to ideally maintain the aroma.