FYSIS Organic Thyme



Thymus vulgaris L.

One of the oldest herbs in the world, Thyme is an integral part of the Greek land and tradition. Growing in the barren Aegean islands as well as the mountains of Olympus, it draws up nourishment from the soil and sun of the Greek climate. Through the age old soil, you can almost taste the flavors of Ancient Olympia.



Organic Thyme in History

As often as it was used for flavoring food, it was also used in decorative, aromatic, and spiritual purposes. In Ancient Greece, OrganicThyme was used as an incense to purify areas. The Ancient Romans would bath and soak in it believing that it gave them courage as well as energy.

During the Middle Ages in Europe, women would include bunches or sprigs of Organic Thyme as a part of the favours they would give to knights and warriors as a symbol of courage. When placed in bed, under a pillow it was believed that it would ward of nightmares.

Thyme has also been used frequently in the rights of the dead. In Ancient Egypt it was applied in the process of mummification to lend its pleasant aroma to the mummy.

FYSIS Organic Thyme - Natural

FYSIS Thyme – Natural

Cultivation of Organic Thyme

Organic Thyme is an herb that loves well drained soil, making the sacred land of Ancient Olympia an ideal place to thrive. The hot and sunny climate makes Greece the perfect home for Thyme. When FYSIS collects Organic Thyme, no heavy machinery is used. Every sprig and bunch is obtained by hand, ensuring that no drop of Thyme’s essential oil is lost through breaking or bruising the leaves.

FYSIS Organic Thyme is dried under such a careful process that nearly all of the aroma and fragrance is preserved.

Thyme in Cuisine

FYSIS Organic Thyme Ready To Use

FYSIS Thyme Ready To Use

Like many herbs, Thyme benefits from rubbing before use. The stimulation from hands and the friction from rubbing the Thyme allows it to release its intense and unique essential flavor. Similar to other herbs, Thyme should be used near the end of your cooking in order to preserve the intense aroma.

Slightly spicy, Organic Thyme is often used to flavor roasted meats, mushrooms, as well as soups and stews. If you want to give your culinary creations another taste dimension, you can try mixing Organic Thyme with other herbs. It combines well with Sage, Bay Laurel and Rosemary

Additional information

Weight 20 g

Intense Slightly spicy

Ideal for

Roast meat – Soups


Bay Laurel – Rosemary – Sage

Best usage

The aromatic odour is released by rubbing, prior to any use . It should be used towards the end of cooking in order to ideally maintain the aroma.