Pepper Salad with Mushroom and Mixed Herbs

Who doesn’t love a tasty salad when it is made with fresh, pure, and organic ingredients? Salad recipes are amongst the most appetising and popular, and we, the FYSIS team, love them! There is so great flexibility on ingredient combinations, that countless alterations have been introduced over the years. Salads can be prepared using both vegetables and fruits. But the secret of making your salad to stand out, is to enrich it with dried herbs, such as oregano, savory, thyme, lemon balm, or rosemary.

Salads are often eaten as a side dish or as an appetiser before the main course. However, it is not surprising to find people eating it as a separate snack. This happens because they are quite filling, and are generally considered as healthy. They are also a very popular option for people that follow vegetarian and vegan diets. For all of these reasons, many of us incorporate salads made from natural and organic ingredients in our diet regimen.

A Brief History of Salads

The word “salad” has a very interesting background. It was originally derived from the Latin term ‘sal’ which means salt. Sal was derived from the term ‘salata’ meaning salted things. The salted things refer to the classical times when raw vegetables were consumed with a dressing of oil, vinegar, herbs, and/or salt. In old French, the word was known as salade which later converted into salad or sallet in the English language as it was known as in the late 14th century.

In the most basic form, salad is supposed to consist of small pieces of food which is either mixed with a salad dressing or sauce. Generally, salads are served cold. Apart from fruits and vegetables, salads are also prepared in other combinations using eggs, grains, cheese, and meat.

Salads and Diet

It is a good concept to eat salads when you are trying to stay away from too much food. Most of the mouth-watering dishes have excessive fats and calories, but depending on what type of salad you are eating, you can keep your diet in check without really compromising your passion for tasty meals.

Salad consumption is common not only amongst those people who are trying to reduce weight. It is also very popular to those who follow vegetarian and vegan based diets.

Recipe: Roasted Mushrooms and Coloured Pepper Salad with Herbs

The following salad recipe includes two main ingredients: mushrooms and (bell) peppers. Many food lovers and cooks around the world, appreciate mushrooms as a salad ingredient. We can incorporate them in different type of recipes, but in this post you will find out how you can pair them with coloured peppers and mixed herbs, to get a special and delicious result!


most of the times, all coloured peppers come from the same plant? Their colour depends on how mature they are: green peppers are unripe, yellow ones are nearly ripe, while the red ones are ripe!

A Red and a Yellow Pepper

The colour of the pepper depends on its maturity



  • Mushrooms – 2 cups
  • Red Pepper – 1
  • Yellow Pepper – 1
  • Green Pepper – 1
  • Dried Rosemary or Mixed Herbs – 1 tablespoon
  • Dried Thyme – 1/2 tablespoon
  • Lemon Juice – 1/2 tablespoon
  • Salt – To taste


Wash the mushrooms. Make them clean and dry. Put them in a baking tray and put the tray into a pre-heated oven at 200 °C (390 °F). Keep them in for 11 minutes until they become light brown. After that, keep them aside for cooling. When they are cool, separate the stems and cut into cubes.

Pierce the red pepper with a fork, and blacken over an open flame. Wash under cold water removing burn skin. Remove the stems and seeds as well and cut into cubes. Repeat the process for green and yellow peppers.

Finally, mix the mushroom and pepper cubes. Add the lemon juice. Complete by adding (preferably organic) rosemary, thyme, lemon juice and salt in a bowl. Mix well and serve.

Enjoy your salad!


Note: If you want to spice up the flavour, in addition with rosemary and thyme you can also use savory, lemon balm, and/or oregano.